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Garage Denis Allard in Cowansville

Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Discover auto shop Garage Denis Allard in Cowansville exercising with honesty since 1989. Benefit from the expertise of the team of Denis Allard, we repair vehicles of most makes and models. Do you know our Mechanical and tires consultant Nathalie? She has extensive experience in car maintenance schedule and dealership recommendations.

Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Our garage is equipped with the latest tools to repair American, Asian and European mechanics. We respect the maintenance of automobile manufacturers standards.

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Car tires

Tires Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Need advice for buying new tires? Our consultants are engaged to find a product that fits your needs.

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Auto alignment

Alignement auto Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

We are the specialist of alignment in Cowansville. Our experienced technicians will adjust the wheel alignment of your vehicle.

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General mechanics

Mécanique générale Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Maintaining your brakes, shocks, exhaust of your car and truck is our specialty. Trust us for all kind of mechanical and tires situations.

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Air conditioning

Air conditioning Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Your air conditioning system should be inspected and maintained to avoid costly repairs. We can maintain, replace and clean the system when necessary.

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Repair and maintenance of Ford vehicles

Ford Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

We repair and maintains cars according to automobile dealers recommendations. We are also equipped for light-duty trucks and pickups.

Maintenance of Subaru vehicles

Subaru mechanic Cowansville

Our expertise allows us to guarantee the mechanical work on Subaru vehicles. We repair Subaru cars and SUV.

You need to follow the car dealership maintenance schedule ! Let us help you with this task.

Repair of Toyota automobile and light truck

Toyota Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

We perform the scheduled maintenance recommended by the dealer on all Toyota vehicles. Trust us for the mechanical repairs on imported automobiles.

Repair and Maintenance of Chevrolet vehicles

chevrolet Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Original parts, top quality parts or used parts, we repair your vehicle according to standards of Chevrolet dealers.

You need new brakes, shocks, or exhaust muffler? We can impress you with our fast and honest service.

Mechanic work on Hyundai vehicles

Hyundai Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Save money on your automobile repairs such as Hyundai SUVs and regular cars. We provide quality parts comparable to the original, with lower prices.

All our works are guaranteed.

Repair and maintenance on Mazda

Mazda Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Your Mazda needs a mechanical repair? We repair and maintain the Asians mechanics such as Mazda auto, light truck, van, minivan and SUV.

Repair and Maintenance Dodge / Freightliner

Dodge Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Commercial vehicles Dodge Sprinter and Freightliner Sprinter require specialized maintenance and repairs. We are servicing the Dodge and Freightliner Sprinter. Trust us with your commercial vehicle for a fast service and professional.


KIA car maintenance and repair

KIA Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Repair and maintain your KIA car with our automobile repair services. We provide guaranteed works and good parts quality.

Repair and maintenance of Volkswagen vehicles (Volks)

Volkswagen Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Few shops of automobile have good results maintaining Volkswagen vehicles. We are equipped to repair European and imported automobiles and SUVs.

Maintenance of Honda vehicles

Honda Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Our expertise allows us to guarantee the mechanical work on Honda vehicles.

You want to get a professional inspection on your car? We have the team to meet your needs !

Maintenance of GMC vehicles

GMC Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Our expertise allows us to guarantee the mechanical work on GMC trucks.

We are equipped to inspect, repair, maintain and diagnose your Dodge vehicle.

Maintenance of Acura vehicles

Acura Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Acura builds great cars. But to get the best out of your vehicle, you most maintain it and respect the dealership recommendations..

We will help you to avoid costly repair by following your car and its maintenance.

Maintenance of Mitsubishi vehicles

Mitsubishi Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

You want the real word about your car and SUV. Ask our team to make an inspection on your Mitsubishi vehicle.

Repair and maintenance of Audi vehicles

Audi Garage Denis Allard Cowansville

Few automobile shops want to repair and maintain Audi vehicles.

We are equipped to repair European automobiles and SUVs.

Repair and maintenance of BMW vehicles

BMW mechanic Cowansville

Brakes, shocks, air conditioning system and steering system, we can help you with all kind of mechanical problems seen on BMW automobile and SUV.